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Welcome to Agger Surf & Events

Water and Nature in Thy for everyone - we cater to small and larger groups - just call us up and arrange your day with water- and nature activities that you need

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Between lakes, fjords and the Sea, the old fishing village of Agger and nearby areas provide a range of outdoor water and nature activities: Surfing, SUP surfing, fishing, spearfishing, kayaking, river canoeing and clamming/oystering to mention a few. In addition, the unique habitats surrounding Agger makes the region a world-class place for birding with Agger Tange (the most southern part of National Park Thy) at the top of list.

Agger Surf & Events is located in the southern part of National Park Thy and Cold Hawaii (a stretch of surf spots basically). We provide guiding, training and advice to most activities in the region. Stop by our shop or call us today to learn more about Agger Surf & Events.

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