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Classes and Courses

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Kayak in Ocean, Fjord or River

See Southern Thy from a kayak

Into the Wild

(time frame variable)

Need wildlife experience and/or professional coaching in the process? Or back to nature and turn your life around? Grab this unique chance with the winner of "Alene i vildmarken 2020" Kim Krohn that is the best in the field to sort out your headspace

Yoga on SUP board

You like yoga on the water?


Catch a whitefish! The whitefish Coregonus lavaretus is a special fish in the salmon family that is very abundant in rivers and fjords around Agger. Few people have caught this fish and we here provide a chance for you to do exactly that

Collect oysters and mussels on Agger Tange - as many as you want! Perfect in combination with SUP Surfing or with a kayak

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